I am Helen Phillips, the minister at St Thomas, Howrah.

This is my personal and loving welcome for you to come and encounter Jesus at our church.

There are other exciting features, some of which are covered on this site - others are better experienced.  Come and join us in worship and stay for a cuppa afterwards.


We affirm our Diocesan convictions, which are:

  • Jesus Christ is the head of the church
  • And He has sent us to make Disciples
  • By Word, Prayer and Service 
  • Supported by fruitful godly leaders 
  • God being our provider, and us stewards of his gifts 

Details of the Convictions can be found here.


This is what we want to be particularly known for and to excel in:

  1. Vibrant Relationships with Jesus
  2. Authoritative Bible Engagement
  3. Leadership and Excellence
  4. Unconditional, Loving Relationship
  5. Evangelism and Outward Focus
  6. Servanthood and Teamwork

Details and Biblical references for the Values can be found here.

St Thomas Anglican Church, Howrah

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Rev Helen Phillips

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