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St Thomas will farewell our parish minister, Ven Helen Phillips this comingSunday, 25 November 2019.  Helen has been a good and faithful servant, sharing God's Word and demonstrating His love.  We wish her well as she moves into retirement. 

Our prayer is: Bountiful God, give to Howrah-Sandford parish a minister who will faithfully speak and live by your Word and minister your sacraments to the parish.  Provide an encourager who will equip your people for ministry, and enable us to fulfil Jesus' calling.  Give wisdom, discernment and patience to Bishop Richard, our parish nominators, and the diocesan nominators.  We pray for warm and generous hearts as they seek your guidance, for Jesus' sake.  Amen.   

For information about the position, click here.

ABOVE: Ray and Ven Helen Phillips


I am Helen Phillips, the minister at St Thomas, Howrah.

This is my personal and loving welcome for you to come and encounter Jesus at our church.

There are other exciting features, some of which are covered on this site - others are better experienced.  Come and join us in worship and stay for a cuppa afterwards.


We affirm our Diocesan convictions, which are:

  • Jesus Christ is the head of the church
  • And He has sent us to make Disciples
  • By Word, Prayer and Service 
  • Supported by fruitful godly leaders 
  • God being our provider, and us stewards of his gifts 

Details of the Convictions can be found here.


This is what we want to be particularly known for and to excel in:

  1. Vibrant Relationships with Jesus
  2. Authoritative Bible Engagement
  3. Leadership and Excellence
  4. Unconditional, Loving Relationship
  5. Evangelism and Outward Focus
  6. Servanthood and Teamwork


Details and Biblical references for the Values can be found here.

Details of St Thomas' Vision can be found here.

Details of St Thomas' Strategies can be found here.

The 2019 Annual Report can be found here.

A pdf copy of the Parish Vision can be found here.


St Thomas Anglican Church

3 Lorne Crescent, Howrah

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Ven Helen Phillips

ABOVE, CLOCKWISE: Paschal Meal, Connect Group members, a family united, attentive children.

KIDS DAY OUT (ABOVE): Make It Day was lots of fun.

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