Reflections on Worship

You are invited to provide your personal thoughts about how worship might be provided in Howrah Sandford Parish in future.  

Following the disruption to our usual worship practices caused by COVID-19, there was seen to be a need for online worship.  Although unwelcome, COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to reconsider how we might worship in future.

You may have a view about worship at St Thomas (Howrah) or St Barnabas (South Arm).  Or you may want the parish council to know your views about Worship Online.  Or you may want to propose something new or different.   Do we want to go back to what was happening, or is it time for change? Changes might be specific or general - they may be as small as what time services are held you may have a grand vision for the parish which includes loads of new ideas. The parish council has decided to gather opinions from as many people as possible to help us steer a path forwards.

Lesley Salter is convening a group that is seeking your views, identifying some options,  initiating discussion in the parish, and providing advice to the Parish Council so they can plan a vibrant future for your church life.

Please let Lesley know your views.  Here are some questions you may wish to consider.  Don't feel compelled to follow them - they are just prompts.

How many services should we hold across the parish?  Where and at what time should they be held?

Have you any ideas for changes to worship services held in churches (if necessary, please specify if you are talking about St Thomas or St Barnabas).

Are there other or new ways in which worship can be encouraged in the parish? 

Have you worshiped online?  What has online worship meant for you?  What worked, what didn't?

What, in your opinion could be included/ excluded/ modified in order to enhance worship?

Do you envisage online worship being an integral part of our journey into the future?    If so, what should it look like?

Have you noticed the online bulletin?  If so, should it continue and, if so, how can it be improved?  

I look forward to hearing your views.  Email me by clicking on this link.  Or complete the form on this page. 

Feedback needs to be received before Tuesday 7 July 2020.

Lesley Salter, Task Force Convenor 

Contact Lesley before Tuesday 7 July 2020

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