23 Transfiguration of our Lord 

26 Ash Wednesday – 10am, HC and Imposition of Ashes

29 Curry Night – Supporting the Bushfire Relief


1 First Sunday in Lent – CMS - Preacher Rev. Scott Sargent

21 – Quiz Night to support Parish Ministry


9 Paschal Meal – 6.30pm Meal followed by Maundy Thursday service

10 Good Friday – 10.00am Liturgy

12 Easter Day – 9.30am Holy Communion – St Thomas

                         9.30am Holy Communion – St Barnabas

regular Services of Worship

Services held at St Thomas, Howrah, 3 Lorne Cres, Howrah each Sunday.

  • 8.30am - a friendly traditional service including Holy Communion.
  • 10am - a contemporary service for people of all ages.
  • A mid-week service is held at 10am on the second (2nd) Wednesday of each month.

Services at St Barnabas, South Arm, South Arm Highway.

  • Services are held on the second (2nd) and fourth (4th) Sunday each month at 4pm.
  • Annual RSL services are held on Remembrance Day and ANZAC Day at South Arm.

Occasional Services

Occasional services are held for marriages, baptisms, dedications, funerals, confirmation and pet thanksgiving.

Festivals and Special Occasions at St Thomas

Christmas Eve at 11pm and Christmas morning at 9am at St Thomas.  This is a different time to our regular Sunday services.  

A service is held at 9am on Good Friday (Reflection) and a celebration is held on Easter Sunday (Easter Day).

A Paschal Meal is held in the hall on the Thursday evening before Easter (this is the day of the Passover, the day of the Last Supper).

At Lent we celebrate with pancakes on Pancake Tuesday and with an early morning service on Ash Wednesday.

Special occasions at Barnabas

In addition to the service Christmas morning we also hold a Christmas service of Nine Readings and Carols at St Barnabas at 7pm in December on the third or fourth Sunday.

ABOVE: St Barnabas Christmas Nine Readings and Carols service


REFLECTION – Matthew 17.1-9  

This story of the Transfiguration may seem a little strange to us and a little bit out of step with experiences we may have in our faith journey - but maybe not so strange. There are a few important things for us to take away from this story. For the disciples this was an extremely holy moment, where they felt like they were closer to God, and seeing more of God in Jesus, than they had ever seen before. When we read about mountain tops in the scriptures they are usually places where people meet God, and from these encounters, has developed, the phrase mountaintop experiences. Christians talk about mountaintop experiences when they are trying to describe an overwhelming experience with God. There is no doubt that this is what the disciples have had at the Transfiguration. When Christians have these experiences, they want to try to stay there, remain in the moment, hoping that it will last forever.

BELOW: Christmas at St Barnabas - 9 Carols and Readings

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