Affirming lives, reflecting the hope we have in Jesus

Service of Solace and Thanksgiving at St Thomas 7pm Wednesday 19 December.

Our Mission

… is to be a Christian Church of influence and significance in our community, making Jesus known and bringing abundant life and hope to the people of our communities and beyond as we:

Love God and his people through our thoughts, words and actions, sharing in worship and praise which is worthy of the God we adore, who has showered us with his unfathomable grace, and by demonstrating the teachings of Jesus every day in our own behavior.

Grow  to be more like Jesus praying the Holy Spirit will guide and empower our lives.

Share the message of Jesus’ love from God’s Word (as recorded in the Scriptures) with people in our communities.

St Thomas, Howrah

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Getting Together at Christmas 


19 December 7.00pm  Service of Solace and Thanksgiving St Thomas’.  Reflective time in memory of  loved ones who have died.  

22 December 10.00am Jesus Birthday Party at St Thomas’ (for kids).  RSVP Parish Office by phoning 6247 9700

24  December 11.00 Christmas Eve  Candlelit Christmas St Thomas’

25th December 9.00 am Christmas Day Celebration St Thomas’  


16 December 7pm 9 Lessons and Carols atSt Barnabas South Arm

25 December 9am Christmas Day celebration

FROM LEFT:  St Barnabas, Orchids, Children hear the message, ANZAC Day at South Arm

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